Rallies can only be run with the support of volunteers both in the planning and organizing as well the execution of the events. We welcome everyone to come help out even if this is your first time at an event we can fit you into an experienced team.


If you're interested in helping please fill out our signup form.

Questions, contact the volunteer coordinator:

Please complete the Speedwaiver




Rally HQ – Cavendish Community Centre

Cnty Rd 507 at Catchacoma – about 14 km north of Flynn Corners.

Google Maps Link:


Friday August 11th

We will need 15 to 20 volunteers on Friday to help with Setup. This will be in the late morning or early afternoon. We will also need people to help with the final prep for the rally during recce.


Please note camping IS allowed at Rally HQ, we can provide details on other accommodations i.e. motels around the area if requested.


Saturday August 12th

We will need the most help on this day. Everyone needs to be at Rally HQ for 9:00 AM sharp. We need about 10 people at 7:00 AM for early start.


This will be when the volunteer assignments will be handed out in final with enough time for everyone to get where they need to be in time for the rally to run on schedule.


We will need:

  • Amateur radio operators
  • Start and finish timing control marshals
  • Traffic control marshals
  • Crowd control marshals


General Information for Marshals


Writing Equipment

Each time control should have, as a minimum, 2 pens, a clipboard and a supply of paper. It would also be nice if the Standing Start marshal had the same equipment.



The Standing Start or Flying Finish marshals MUST stand outside in the weather. Everyone should be prepared for weather conditions ranging from hot to wet to buggy to cold. (Hiking boots, rain coats, winter jacket, sweater, umbrella, gloves, bug spray/lotion, bug netting etc.).


Food & Beverages

You may be away from civilization for a good part of the day and evening, so be prepared by taking along a cooler with food and drinks (thermos for hot drinks, if cold). Bring supplies from home or find out before hand where you can get them near the start. Be sure you have everything you need before you leave in a convoy or arrive at your working location. NOTE: alcoholic beverages are not allowed as per our insurance agreement.



Make sure your vehicle's gas tanks are full before heading away from the main highway, especially if it is cold, as you may end up being out at your location for longer than you think. Please be mindful of carbon monoxide poisoning if running your car for long periods of time with the windows rolled up.


Do Not Bring...

Any fishing or hunting equipment. Some parts of the rally may run through restricted areas and serious fines and vehicle may be impounded as a result.



Motorsport can be dangerous! Despite the organizers' taking precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk.