Date: TBD


This year's Black Bear rally is being held in Catchacoma, Ontario and is brought to you by the Maple Leaf Rally Club


We're still in the (very) early planning stages of Black Bear, but we can say that it will be kept simple this year, as we return to the quarry road (as used by Galway Cavendish Forest Rally in previous years). It will be a one-day event - recce in the morning, rally in the afternoon, dinner and awards afterwards.


The Black Bear Rally is 3rd event in the OPRC series as well as the 5th event of the Eastern Canadian Rally Championship.


Registration and Tech will be open Friday, August 14 and early Saturday with recce and the rally on Saturday, August 15.


Lots more details to follow.

We always need workers and it`s never too early to sign up. If you are interested in working the event, please contact Greg McGrath:


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Last year we had a great race - so be sure to enter, volunteer, or come out and watch!