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CARS bulletin 2018-01 - proposed class rule change (Read 1893 times)
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CARS bulletin 2018-01 - proposed class rule change
01/08/18 at 08:49:52
Posting here just in case you didn't see it on Facebook or part of my mailing list.
If you want on my mailing list send me an email at darrylmalone@yahoo.com.

Hello RSO rally peoples.
Over the past year the CARS technical committee has been reworking the Open4WD and Production class rules.
There are a few major and some minor changes.


These rule changes will affect most RSO performance rally competitors, so do take time to read the document, it is quite lengthy.
The document does explain the reasons for the proposed changes. Please take the time to thoroughly read through it all.

Just a super quick summary.

-          Pop off valves to limit max boost pressure in both Open and Production class.

-          Open class allow conversion of 2wd to 4wd

-          Open class NA engine up to 4.0 liters

-          Open class allow FIA cars to score points

-          Production class allow NA engine up to 4.0 liters

-          Production class a few things are no longer allowed such as anti-lag and launch control.

Happy to discuss any of the proposed changes.
The document suggests submitting to CARS technical director. I encourage this, but please copy me on any comments so that I can formulate a RSO discussion summary.
All comments accepted until January 26.

RSO regional director
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