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Tall Pines Worker Notice Oct 27 15 (Read 806 times)
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Tall Pines Worker Notice Oct 27 15
10/27/15 at 20:36:48
Worker registrations have been coming in, but much more slowly than usual. At this point we have just over 100 – about 30 less than usual at this time.  We need about 40 more for Friday and at least another 110 to carry out all our plans for rally day - Saturday, November 28th, so if you have been procrastinating, please sign up ASAP. If you registered, but did not receive a confirmation email, it likely means that your registration did not go through, so please try again. If you have any problem doing that or any questions about anything, contact the Worker Registration team at  worker_registration@tallpinesrally.com  and one of us will get back to you. If you have questions or need assistance with accommodations, contact Trish at  accommodations@tallpinesrally.com  How about convincing some others to come with you?
In particular we are still in need of help with HAM radio communications, stage timing marshals, traffic control marshals (blockers), crowd control marshals and media marshals. The media marshal function is to support our revised media access policy. We have designated some great locations in each stage for capturing the action. The approved media will choose locations from the sites offered. Our plan is to place a media marshal at each of these locations, so if you are interested in doing this, indicate so on your profile and send me an email.
Note – we can accommodate those of you who can only help out for part of the day on November 28th.
So to recap - to register as a worker for this year’s event,  go to the Pines website at www.tallpinesrally.com then to the ‘WORKERS’ tab then to ‘Register’ and follow the cues from there.

Subsidized Worker Accommodations
Have you booked your room yet?  We can only hold those rooms for so long, then will have to let them go. The online subsidized accommodations registration process is now active. Remember – you must stay at one of the approved locations to receive a subsidy. Note – you must have logged into the website to see the full menu.
If you have any questions, Trish Groom, our Worker Accommodations Coordinator, is waiting to assist you. As stated above, you can contact her at accommodations@tallpinesrally.com  
Accommodations Payment – you can sign up directly on the Pines website at www.tallpinesrally.com then follow the tabs to Worker Info Centre, Accommodations, then Accommodations Payment Form to purchase an accommodations package with your Credit Card that best suits your schedule. Accommodations must be paid in full prior to November 19th.  Basically if you stay at one of the approved facilities listed on the website, you pay for the first night and the rally will pay for the second night. For approval of extra nights beyond that for people coming early, contact me directly at ross@tallpinesrally.com

Worker Information Posted –

We are posting much more of the worker information in advance again this year,so  that you can access it before the rally and read it through carefully. In fact the entire revised Worker Handbook is now online. We urge you to read it completely. To access it, go to www.tallpinesrally.com , log in, then follow the tabs to Workers, Worker Info Centre, Worker Documents and then Worker Handbook.  

About one week before the rally, we will be posting all the worker assignments.

Worker Meeting

The official WORKER’S MEETING will be held at Rally HQ at the Dungannon Recreation Centre at the  9 P.M. on Friday evening.

Other Tall Pines News

Check out the Entry List as it grows - under Compete then Entry List plus find many other details on the Tall Pines website at www.tallpinesrally.com .

Other Questions or Special Requests

Feel free to contact me at ross@tallpinesrally.com

Please excuse cross-postings of this message as it is being posted to multiple lists.

Ross Wood, Clerk of the Course


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