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Message started by Wedge1 on 04/12/19 at 12:25:04

Title: FS: 1993 Toyota Paseo Rally car. SOLD!!
Post by Wedge1 on 04/12/19 at 12:25:04

Hi Folks!

Please share to anyone that might be interested.

Excellent super reliable rally car.  Needs work to get it running.

I've been out of country, and havent' seen the car in several years.  So I'm writing this from memory...  all this info is as accurate as I can remember.

When I moved away I was in progress of upgrading the Paseo into the best version of itself.  Best (non-turbo) motor, best gearbox, best suspension.  The only upgrade I never got around to was the rear discs.  Need to source those parts from a Starlet GT somewhere.

  • Car is in the middle of a JDM 5E-FHE motor swap.  Higher compression and stronger internals than stock motor.  Motor is mounted, but most things are not hooked up.
  • Megasquirt wired and mostly programmed.  Will need some debugging and tuning.  It should work, but has never actually run the car.  I put a lot of time into setting it up properly, and I can share all my notes (if I can find them)
  • Converted to wasted spark ignition, using stock toyota parts from JDM tercel... I think...
  • Stock wiring harness is almost completely uncut.  So can easily revert to stock ECU and Ignition if needed.
  • JDM gearbox, better ratios than USDM
  • 1/4" aluminum skidplate up front
  • steel skidplate under gas tank
  • Brand new HotBits custom gravel-spec suspension, never been run
  • Set of very well used HotBits street-spec suspension, probably needs a rebuild.  Only good for tarmac.
  • Seats and harnesses are expired
  • Tons of 14" MR2 wheels - these things are unbreakable
  • One set of 13" Tercel alloys, suitable for snow tires or 13" gravels (not for rough hard surface, I would only use them on soft ground)  Fine for snow or rallycross
  • probably a set or two of 14" steelies
  • almost all rims will have gravel or snow tires mounted.  But they will all be hard like hockey pucks by now.
  • Paseo brake hardware for the 14" wheels
  • Tercel brake hardware for the 13" wheels
  • Brake lines re-routed through interior
  • Fuel lines pulled from under car, but new lines not yet run
  • Big spares package, rad, headlights, taillights, mirrors, fenders, many random small parts
  • Probably needs a windshield

You will never find a car that is cheaper or easier to maintain than this.  It is so reliable and easy to work on.  I could run an entire season of stage rally without a service crew, everything on the car is so simple and reliable.  Nothing ever broke, unless I hit something.

Very easy to drive, very easy to maintain.  Perfect for any beginner or budget rally team.
It will definitely need some work and TLC to get it stage ready again.  Body and most parts should be pretty much rust free.  Most of the rust is probably underside of the floorpan.

I'll do a brain dump about everything I remember about this car, and everything I know about Paseo's in general.  And I'm always willing to answer questions if the buyer needs help putting it all back together.

Reasonable offers considered.
Located in North York

Car is up on stands, and not currently rolling.  So moving it could be a challenge.

Edit: Just looked through the logbook.  After 3 or 4 years in competition, the car has a nearly perfect finishing record.  It has only ever DNF'd once, on its second event because the clutch wore out.  Not broke, just wore out. It was the original clutch with 300k on it, and it wore down to nothing.  

Title: Re: FS: 1993 Toyota Paseo Rally car
Post by Wedge1 on 04/12/19 at 12:26:50

This is what it looked like the last time it competed:

probably still looks mostly the same.

Title: Re: FS: 1993 Toyota Paseo Rally car
Post by Kitdi on 05/03/19 at 17:55:13

I am interested. Please PM me.

Title: Re: FS: 1993 Toyota Paseo Rally car
Post by Wedge1 on 08/06/19 at 21:58:02


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