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Message started by Bertaru on 01/29/18 at 16:38:15

Title: 1994 VW Golf 2-Door (RallyX prepped)
Post by Bertaru on 01/29/18 at 16:38:15


Hi friends,

Originally a friend and myself bought this car off of a member on this page (Stickyken, I cannot post the link but it should be a few pages back, but I will summarize all the info). Figured I would post here first for someone in the lookout for a ready to go rallyX car. Will need to be towed.

Asking price is 800$ OBO. The car is in Oshawa and is not plated and will not be delivered. Shoot me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Available whenever you are to have a look, thanks for looking.

N/A 1.8L motor, 5 speed trans with a short shifter, still has the dash and both front bucket seats. Battery relocated to middle interior. Brake hardlines front to back ran inside the car (handbrake locks up great, rear drums).

The body was in good shape, but has taken some abuse over the years since it was bought but needs some love. Believe there is one small hole in the floor but most is good, the shell is still mostly stripped, welded rear strut bar, (rear strut towers are good) push button ignition under the dash and a key-like inline power switch under the non-functioning radio. Heat still works (A/C does not). I believe the car has 24xxxx kilometers on it now. Still has a skid plate under the oil pan. Many of the engine accessories were replaced by PO at 180k. Fires right up but has no battery in it at the moment. Could still be put on the road with some love.

The car is sitting on OEM 14's with brand new Nordics (165/55/14 I think with<1k kilometers, 2014 DOT date) but needs some TLC as previously stated. Passed etest in May 2017 but is ready for some rallycrossing.

Links to photos:

ibb.    co/nzgftm
ibb.    co/ngwrzR
ibb.    co/cFMftm

EDIT: I forgot to mention included in the sale is a 2.0L ABA OBD1 engine, not entirely sure of the mileage.

Title: Re: 1994 VW Golf 2-Door (RallyX prepped)
Post by Tyler_Letofsky_ on 02/01/18 at 08:25:49

How much are you asking for it?

Title: Re: 1994 VW Golf 2-Door (RallyX prepped)
Post by Bertaru on 02/01/18 at 11:02:27

Tyler_Letofsky_ wrote on 02/01/18 at 08:25:49:
How much are you asking for it?

Asking price is 800$, I will move it higher up in the post. I also sent you a PM.

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